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It’s amazing what brides today can do with their computer and mobile devices. techbrides is here to report on some of this new and emeging technology, and to also have some fun along the way.

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Honeyfund – The Top Honeymoon Registry Website

9th December 2014 by Rachel

When I first heard the name Honeyfund I immediately saw a flashback from childhood – Pooh Bear with his hand in the honey jar. Surprisingly, it’s not too far off from this free website’s mission. Honeyfund allows people – presumably engaged couples – to set up an adventuresome honeymoon registry… The ultimate honeypot for newly married couples!

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The Best Websites to Shop for an Engagement Ring

19th November 2014 by Rachel

You can shop for pretty much anything and everything online including toilet paper, an area rug, a car, an experience, a plane or an engagement ring. For the average Joe making a purchase as intimidating as an engagement ring really takes a lot of research, time and patience. Some of our favorites include:

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Weddington Way – Changing Online Bridesmaid Buying for the Better

30th October 2014 by Rachel

It wasn’t until I was looking down the barrel at four upcoming weddings in the span of three months – all of which I’m a bridesmaid in – that I realized just how much coordination and organization is needed for all aspects of wedding planning. I imagine it’s similar to building a house. Even the smallest details needs to be decided upon… A light switch chosen, table linens picked, refrigerator decided upon, compromise met with custom cocktails. Except for a wedding, you “build a house” and then you live in it for one day!

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